The Healing Ground at Currumbin required a number of signs designed. The wanted a natural clean look. I designed two sets of A frames, one for inside the Ecovillage and the other for on the street.

In the Queenslander upstairs is a wellness centre providing a variety of treatments from Alexander technique to holistic counselling. There are five rooms with different practitioners, so to make it easier for clients a directory board was designed incorporating the style of the area and natural elements of the practice.

In front of the Three figs Cafe underneath Healing Ground an existing sign showing different building suggestions when the village was at its early stages. Ten years later this board doesn’t really have any purpose so Peter Aubort decided to make it more current to what was happening now.

The new board provides information to locals and people visiting the village. The natural elements are repeated as a background as well as the Three Figs Cafe menu, the Healing Ground directory and an area for an A3 poster to be added when events are happening in the village. There are also photos showing different things on offer in the village; kangaroos, cafe, massage, sustainable housing and meditation.